“You should never meet your heroes.”

The lesson of the Scott Adams thing is not that Scott Adams is a misogynist.

It’s that your heroes are probably assholes. Scott Adams. Tycho. Charles Barkley. Whatever. All probably assholes.

And luckily for us, here in the 21st century we have Twitter which allows us to meet our heroes every day 24/7 and as they get comfortable letting their thoughts and feelings tumble out we find out one at a time that each and every one of them is an asshole.

Or that they are a misogynist or a racist or a Republican or a Democrat or a Marxist or a holocaust denier or a flat-Earther or a furry or that they bankrolled Rebecca Black.

Your hero is probably an asshole. It’s okay to still like his or her work. Honest.

Thank God I’m nobody’s hero.