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genericThe Baroness DeMalus has hired two of the barony’s most skilled gardeners to beautify her walking grounds. Unfortunately, and as the baroness well knows, these two gardeners are vicious enemies and will do anything to ruin the displays of the other. But there is beauty to be found in their creations, if only they can line them up properly before the other can stop it from happening!

Happy vernal equinox!

Seeds is a print-and-play microgame of competitive gardening and flower arranging for two players that uses only sixteen cards. It takes about ten minutes to play a game and is provided for free below.

Seeds is played on a 4×4 grid of plots in a garden. A turn in Seeds is simple. A player takes one of up to three available flower cards and places it in a valid plot in the garden. Which plots are valid are determined by the type of flower the opponent played in the previous turn. If she played a Daisy, then the next player must plant their flower adjacent to it. If she played a Hydrangea, then the next player must place their flower in the same row or column as the previous flower. There are ten unique flowers, each with their own directive. Players attempt to place three of their own flowers in a row. The player that does this five times is the winner.

card_daisy card_hydrangea

 Digital Prototype

Print and play games may be low cost to put together, but they often take a lot of time to print and assemble, even small games like Seeds. To alleviate that concern, I’ve provided a playable prototype version done in Unity. You will need the Unity Web Player to play. It has non-final art, but does have a functional AI, so you can garden by yourself.

Play the admittedly unpolished web prototype. (Rules are slightly different in the PnP game.)

 The Goods

If you would like to play the paper version, the files are below:

Seeds Rules (v1.1)

Seeds Print-and-Play Cards (v1.0)

If you have questions or concerns, contact me via email at zack at this domain.


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