Unnamed Giant Monopoly-Style Project (2015)

Through some freelance work with The Giant Game Company, I worked to develop a large-scale game show for a professional sales conference as a mechanism for them to award additional sales bonuses. The game was themed to look similar to a game of Monopoly, but since we did not use the Monopoly license, there was very little similarity besides the concept of roll-and-move and deeds.

The client requested the Monopoly-styling, but since the purpose of the game was to give away money from the “bank”, the game’s dynamic had to be vastly different. It was a fun project, culminating in the printing of a 40 foot by 40 foot vinyl board, with huge card stock “deeds” at 3 feet by 3 feet. Players (sales reps) having to physically move around the game space provided some interesting design problems, but I think they had a good time with or without the fabulous cash prizes.