Swipe Together (2013, Mobile)

I have dozens of dozens of canned and never-seen projects, but this one felt special to me, so I will include it.

As you may well be aware, pursuant to Federal Code W2F33C.b.(3), every mobile indie studio is required to release a word game at some point. Here was ours. It’s called Swipe Together and the object is to make words in the highlighted areas by rotating the letters in the 5×5 cube using the least number of moves. When you make words, you change the colors of the letter tiles. When all letter tiles have changed colors, you get a ton of additional moves. I worked on the design with Sky Parlor Studios including copious iteration (the original version didn’t have moving scoring areas, changing colors of the tiles and was time-based, yikes!) and playtesting. It doesn’t appear that it is actually going to be released, which is a shame because I think it is incredibly fun. Oh well, it lets me retire as World Swipe Together Champion.