NCAA Football 08 (2007, PS2/XBX)

This was quite the pleasure to work on. I had been a big fan of the series since the beginning (moreso than Madden) and I was able to work on the Playstation 2 and Xbox versions of the game which were much more complete and stable than the version the “next gen” team was struggling with. We were able to do all of the updates the game needed for the new season, the expected stuff like new uniforms, stadiums, rosters, awards, etc. and still sneak in a few compelling features on an extremely limited budget. One was a feature done in just a few weeks called “Points Pursuit”. It is hardly mentioned in reviews because it just doesn’t line up with what the core demographic is looking for, but it is an alternate scoring Arcade version of the game. On some downs you can get double points. On those downs we cloned the sun object in the environment and strapped it to the ball. It looks like you are throwing a photon torpedo. Why there are no pictures of this anywhere on the Internet, I’ll never know. Good times. Metacritic: 83; not bad for a team of less than a dozen.