Fire and Dice (2011, Mobile)

Fire & Dice is a unique turn-based strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. In it, you control one to three fire trucks as they race around Sparksville dealing with the fires that spontaneously combust all over the town. Players roll dice to gain resources like gasoline, water, rescue ladders and additional trucks. I came up with the original concept, including paper prototype. I also developed the design from the original prototype into its final form. The project was completed by the good folks at Sky Parlor Studios in Unity over a half-year period including playtesting and multiple feature upgrades including one that added a F2P monetization option to the game. Fire & Dice was featured on Kotaku as the “Gaming App of the Day”. Stephen Totilo, the editor-in-chief of Kotaku, called it “an odd idea, well executed”, which coincidentally is the title of my memoir.

It is a horrible shame that this game is no longer supported.