Game Designer Bookshelf!

When I have 100 results, I will curate a list.

“I can’t believe you have never read _______!”

In 2010, a Google Books engineer estimated that over 129 million books have been published. In 2013, the United States alone published over 300,000 books. The feeling of uncovering a “hidden gem” that provides some transformational lesson is unparalleled. While tastes and skills vary from person-to-person, an updated list of the most excellent books that those in the game industry vouch for can be useful in narrowing down that vast library to something graspable.

A good list that has mostly gone out of date is at

Please submit books that you believe game designers, developers, producers, educators, &c., should read.


  • A work that you feel folks in the industry should read. These should be books that you evangelize in normal conversation, not just something you merely like. Only include those you feel are essential.
  • Something that is likely to still be relevant and widely read 10+ years from now.
  • Is available in an English edition (for accessibility reasons).
  • Something that you have actually read. E.g., Don’t submit “Ulysses” unless you’ve actually completely read it. We want books that _you_ have read and felt influential, not books that people think are influential because other people think they are influential.
  • It’s okay to submit something already submitted! Repeats will allow us to understand the consensus on a title.

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