Read in 2015

This was a great year in terms of me reading new and interesting things. It was certainly my most productive year on record owing largely to me trying to soak up all of the contemporary (and some not so) game design books to see if I was treading any new ground. (Did you know I wrote a book? A boooook?)

But in fiction, I found more great stories than I knew what to do with. The Traitor Baru Cormorant and The Library at Mount Char are on my top five of all time already. Other highlights were Lucky Wander Boy (a love story to video games much more authentic and resonant than the vastly overrated Ready Player One), the Jean le Flambeur trilogy, and certainly Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence. Oh! And City of Stairs. What a good year!

Link to Goodreads.

2015: 53 titles, 17,477 pages, 47.88 Pages/Day
2014: 27 titles, 10,248 pages, 28.07 pages/Day
2013: 27 titles, 9,368 pages, 25.66 Pages/Day
2012: 45 Titles, 14,791 Pages, 40.52 Pages/Day
2011: 30 Titles,  10,163 Pages, 27.84 Pages/Day
2010: 36 Titles, 11,574 Pages, 31.71 Pages/Day
2009: 18 Titles, 4,960 Pages, 13.59 Pages/Day
2008:  31 Titles, 7,967 Pages, 21.77 Pages/Day

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