Sudoku Together

We at Sky Parlor have been working a long while on a bunch of new games for you and our most recent just hit the iOS and Android stores. It is called Sudoku Together.

Sudoku Together

Just like it says on the tin, it allows you to play Sudoku puzzles against your Facebook friends. As is all the vogue (and rightfully so), you do this asynchronously, like your favorite board game titles or games like Words With Friends. You can even play cross-platform from Android to iOS or vice-versa.

The power-ups make it a bit more than just static Sudoku. The Cannon tests your timing as it reveals up to five unsolved squares. The Tidal Wave reveals three squares, but requires you to remember their location before they fade away. The Treasure Map narrows down squares to two possible choices for a span of time and the Glacier freezes the board. Use these to out-solve your friends. Mistakes cost you twenty seconds and the fastest time is the winner and will gain rating stars.

I always gauge games I make by how sick of them I am after it ships. I’m not sick of Sudoku Together at all. I can’t wait for the new features to hit and for you all to challenge me to a game. I dare thee.

And even more exciting, it is completely free! You only pay for coins that allow you to use more powerups (and they will allow you to do some other fun stuff in the almost ready 1.1 update). We sure would appreciate it if you enjoy the game to spend some money on coins or the Ad Squeegee or the Winner’s Club Card. We can only keep making games if players decide to spend money. As a studio, we are very against manipulating the player with sleight of hand into spending money. We want you to spend money because you enjoy the game, not because you are afraid your crops will wilt or you need to collect a fifth needle in a haystack.

If you enjoy the game and don’t have a dollar to spare, please just tell your friends that would enjoy the game about it. We are just a group of game lovers who want people to have fun and we cannot do it without your help! Updates are already in the pike and we have a number of great new ideas being incubated. I can’t wait to show you them, but until then, enjoy Sudoku Together!

Get Sudoku Together on the App Store or Google Play.

(*If you find issues, especially with the Android version since there are nine hojillion Android devices to support, please email and we will look into it right away. One of the benefits of being a small developer is that we can respond to almost all of our feedback! Maybe you’ll even find some more coins in your account afterwards.)

4 thoughts on “Sudoku Together

  1. Hey Zack,
    I really like your game! Nice work!
    I’ve been trying to play against my girlfriend but I can’t find her when I try to add her as a friend yet I see lots of my other Facebook friends. She also can’t find me… Is there a setting to change?

  2. You are looking on “Create Game”? Create Game will only show your friends who have installed and played the game. Invite Friends should show all of your friends on Facebook, unless she has her privacy settings set to block you. :-). Are you looking at the right place?

  3. Thanks for getting back. Yes. It’s her privacy settings and she doesn’t feel comfortable changing. Oh well.. Thanks

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