Fire and Dice on Kotaku

Fire & Dice is Kotaku’s Gaming App of the Day! Many thanks to Stephen Totilo. This is many of our guys’ first real press exposure, so they are significantly thrilled. Here’s some favorable excerpts:

“[I]t’s good.”

Should I stop there? Nah:

“It is a strategy game complicated by lucky and unlucky dice rolls, a mix of intention and happenstance that makes games like Angry Birds and Peggleso much fun, too.”

I’ve never courted being compared to Angry Birds, but I’ll take it if it isn’t meant as an epithet.

“To describe Fire and Dice as a game of, well, putting out fires with dice, makes it sound strange. But the systems and style of play work well. It all makes a lot of sense when you play and feels fresh and right for a phone game. […] It’s an odd idea, well executed.”

Version 3.0 is out on iOS and Android. 3.0.1 will be incoming (There’s always a bug you miss…)

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