Busy Bee

So, right, last few months, amirite?

First, Fire and Dice is coming out with our epic 2.0 release with new interface, tutorials, helicopter mega-attack and all kinds of other improvements. If you are on Android, it’s live right now. We are always trying to improve it. We intend to support it for a while, so keep the improvement suggestions coming. If you are on iPhone, the app is crossing the Styx right now and I’ll devote a whole post to it when it hits. I love this game.

It’s an odd situation when you are a contractor designer because you want to “own” the project, but you aren’t in the office enough to make the hundreds of little design decisions. It’s simultaneously my responsibility and not mine.

We also have a non-traditional app coming out soon that is very social and I will require all you good folks to participate.

Oh, and I got married. So there’s that:

And I went to Project Horseshoe for the second time and hobnobbed with some amazing people. And gave a presentation about emotion:

The report is forthcoming on the official Horseshoe site. Seriously, if you have the means, you should be going to this conference.

Miscellany. I updated the Dominion picker script if you are into that. Every time I think about posting something, I get distracted by my two jobs or life and instead condense it down to 140 characters and put it up on Twitter. Hm. Maybe that’s for the best? Upcoming posts about new apps and IGDA most likely.