I’ve neglected the blog in favor of Twitter recently because I’ve been working on a book (update: first draft almost done! ~400 pages!) and it’s been taking all of my non-work time and battling the depression that comes and goes over not actually making anything. So here’s a bunch of links I’ve posted to Twitter lately and a couple links to some things I’ve read. That’s all you get for now.

Alphaland is a sweet browser-native game that reminds me of a platform version of 3 in Three.

Anna Anthropy’s entertaining retro game for Adult Swim.

Bogost on Gamification.

The guys that made Oregon Trail really never made any money off of it despite it making millions for everyone else.

How Andrew Looney Designs Analog Games.

If you can stomach it, this article about holocaust deniers is a really interesting look into how our modern echo chamber culture works from both ends.

An old article about why a philosophy education is better than a business education if you want to be in business.

Red Dead apparently has a lot of “uninspired filler“.

The Wooden Flip Switch Box is ripe with metaphor (watch until end).

Why Your Work Disappoints You.


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