Designer Independence

Dan Cook finally posted the Declaration of Game Designer Independence that we worked on at Project Horseshoe this year. As expected from the comments, some people “get it”, some people don’t (hint: it isn’t about ego) and some will concoct elaborate ulterior motives for us because they are afraid of words. Fine.

If I had to boil the whole thing down to one word it would be: respect. Respect yourselves, respect your art/craft, respect your customers, respect your limitations and respect your process. If all designers could get behind that, we would be much more healthy as a profession and produce better content.

2 thoughts on “Designer Independence

  1. Only part I really didn’t get was the “no dilettantes” thing. I think the industry’s too insular and the influence of people familiar with other disciplines is necessary e.g. Keita Takahashi or Jordan Mechner. The way it was worded just seemed unnecessarily exclusive, but hey, manifesto.

  2. Perhaps it could be worded better. I don’t have my drafts on this computer, so I’m working from memory on this one but the point ws not “hey we are awesome and know everything so all you dilettantes get to steppin'” but moreso as a response to the omnipresent “idea men” who tinker without having any commitment to mastery of anything. Maybe Dan (or Dustin, Patricia or Devin) can comment to that.

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