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Being unemployed, I’ve been spending less and less time in front of the computer. I know that my days of being able to move around during my 9-5 are limited, so most of my web browsing is done through starring Twitter links that sound interesting for later review. Well I had some time to sit down and look through them, so without much comment here are the best ones I wanted to share:

– Chris Hecker did a writeup on his Achievements talk from GDC that is required reading.

– Jesse Schell has interesting, smile-inducing presentations even if you aren’t a designer. It’s part of what makes him a remarkable professor. This is his keynote from an AR conference.

– I am dumbfounded, absolutely dumbfounded that Steve Meretzky, who designed A Mind Forever Voyaging (and who I am meeting in a few weeks), would say that all games are Skinner boxes. I intend to ask him about that.

– This EA Louse guy and I have a lot in common. We were both shellacked by corporate infighting. The difference is that I addressed my anger at the event constructively and he went on an Internet tirade that will probably get him sued. I don’t know what exactly a shitfit gets you other than attention (both positive and negative). And if you are in the industry for attention, then you are in the wrong damn business. Apparently, this is a burgeoning trend. It’s time to act like grown-ups, folks. Do what we all do: bitch at the bar after hours.

Richard Bartle: “Designers working on games “must want to say something… if you’re a game designer, you have to have some of your soul in the game design. Because otherwise it’s just superficial, there’s no vision to it, no substance to it.”

Excellent review of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light by the guys at Semi-Secret (Canabalt) that I wholly agree with (or else I wouldn’t post it.)

Numbersdump on Kickstarter donations. If I ever need to self-publish a board game, I’ll probably go that route.

Ernest Adams shellacks Raph Koster in the first comment here. Also, Raph, saying that wall spam isn’t spam for the people playing the game is like saying that junk mail isn’t junk mail if someone actually signs up for that credit card somewhere. Lame.

– Sebastian Deterding does the best presentations on design on the Internet for non-designers period full stop. This one is called “Pawned” and is about the “gamification” efforts of other software developers. Read this and everything else on his site then everything in his required reading list.

– I love using my Kindle and I think the announcement of Kindle Singles is a huge step forward for writers. I’ve read so many business books that could have been done in half the length, but were obviously padded to get them to a more salable length. Kudos.

Hockey super heroes. How could this possibly fail? 🙂

I actually still have a bunch more links in the hopper, but I will get to them later. Off to pub trivia and then a Big Time interview tomorrow!

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