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  1. Clever. — And thanks for the Dominion randomizer we have been enjoying it.
    Your “About Zack” says you’re from Pittsburgh, anything two west coasters should know or do? My boyfriend and I plan on moving there for grad school this fall.

  2. Thanks, Kendra.

    I’m born and raised in Pittsburgh. Out of towners poo-poo it, and of course I am biased, but I think it is a wonderful city.

    Hit Kennywood Park before it closes (I think after Labor Day it closes for the winter). It is one of America’s oldest amusement parks and has a great variety of rollercoasters and other rides if you are into that stuff.

    Are you going to Pitt for Grad School? Pitt basketball games are intense and a lot of fun, if you can get tickets. If you are students you can get into their lottery, which gives you better odds.

    Also: other sports. Steelers games have great tailgating and atmosphere. You can go to any bar and find it packed with Steelers fans exhilarated at the game. Pirates games much less so, but PNC park is beautiful and tickets there are inexpensive.

    There is a lot of great food to be found – German/Polish and Pizzas especially. Primanti Bros. is usually highlighted by travelers, but it is more of a novelty than anything (it is good though).

    Some of the best experiences is finding out stuff, so I won’t spoil it all. The one thing that I miss is that the drivers are exceptionally courteous, which I didn’t notice until I moved away (exception: on the Parkway).

    Dress warmly. 🙂

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