Just Add Points?

Sebastian Deterding’s “Just Add Points?” is, among other things, an exercise in showing how the delivery of ideas (in this case, beautifully-designed slides) can highly augment their stickiness. If you would have told me I was going to read through a 90+-slide presentation twice today, I’d have called you a liar, sir.

The point of the presentation is “Here’s what UX designers can learn from game designers”, but I think moreso it can be “Here’s what game designers can be reminded from a UX designer perspective on game design.”

I have issues with Koster’s analysis, so his quoting him makes me cringe a bit but it is otherwise fantastic. I’m posting it so I remember to go back and read the related Slideshare presentations at the end.

5 thoughts on “Just Add Points?

  1. Thanks, my hacks on the old version was getting too ungainly, so I found a new theme I could customize/defile. It is still work-in-progress.

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