Overheard in the Break Room

(Coworkers playing Monster Hunter Tri. I’m sitting back asking annoying questions, watching them struggle in boss battles. Paraphrased since my short term memory blanks out at about thirty seconds.)

Me: Do these battles take a while?
Coworker: Depends on your skill mostly. Some can take 15 minutes. Some can take 45 minutes.
Me: (pauses) So how can you tell how close you are to the end? Do you know how well you are doing?
Coworker: You are the first person to ask like that. Everyone else asks “where is his health bar?”

In a game that has a lot of bars and stats and UI detritus on the screen, I am actually surprised that they have the restraint to withhold a monster health bar:

2 thoughts on “Overheard in the Break Room

  1. hi, I understand your grief from Monster Hunter’s questions. But the thing here really is that the game, even though having a lot of UI and stuff, does not make it easy on you to know some stuff, namely, the monster’s Health. You’re probably one of the few people who didn’t ask for one.

    May I ask if you also asked them if the game had lock-on? 😛

  2. Don’t know. I only watched them for five-ten minutes or so. I’ve never played.

    I just thought it was an interesting observation that folks expect health to be displayed explicitly by a bar, especially when there is already a lot of UI garbage on the screen.

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