Spoiler Ahead

Alan Wake. I’ve been playing it this weekend and have gotten to the end of Episode 4. I feel the need to tell you about an NPC you find because you may not go back to talk to him. If you abhor all spoilers, then skip this post, go to Facebook and complain about Lost some more.

Eventually, you will find yourself in a nuthouse. The doctor there introduces you to the patients and one of them “makes videogames” and is a poorly veiled avatar of some Remedy employee since he is obsessed with being scary.

Come back later after the tour and the game developer will be ranting, quite poignantly to this observer,  about his publisher. How that got through MS’ fun censors I’ll never know, but it was absolutely brilliant, along with some fun play-on-words for those who were caught in the Max Payne bullet-time-a-thon of the 2000s.

It’s a fantastic game, but why did it take four years again?

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