Dear Internet

You are ridiculous:

  • 4676 diggs (#1 overall),
  • 707,000 hits on Kotaku,
  • +180,000 unique visitors to this blog (there wasn’t even a link on Kotaku) from 168 countries, (Hi Finland! You are the second most popular country for some reason. I’ll have to write more about Sonata Arctica)
  • +120 Twitter Followers,
  • +20 Facebook friend requests, 0 accepted, (sorry folks, I only FB with people I know, no offense)
  • 5 coworkers insinuating I’d be fired (why?),
  • 10 telling me how much they liked the post,
  • Countless friendly messages from long lost classmates and colleagues,

It wasn’t that funny.

Looks like I’ll have to post some more relevant stuff to keep you folks around. Sorry. It’s mostly game design minutiae here.

20 thoughts on “Dear Internet

  1. I can’t remember which website I saw it on – but I’m hoping it was so I can completely validate all of the terrible trashy reading I do on their Pop Culture Blog.

    Can you track RSS feeds – because I’m pretty sure you made my list (right in-between and

  2. You should make use of the increased popularity of your blog while it lasts. You could make a fortune right now by selling crappy t-shirts! 🙂

  3. If you only Facebook with people you know…maybe you should take the link off your blog?

  4. Travis – I often get ex-colleagues and such I’ve fallen out of touch with who reconnect with me via Facebook.

  5. btw…that post was hilarious and it made me realize how nobody plays games just to play the game anymore…sad really.

  6. I guess this is your first time around the block ? 😀

    Don’t let it get to you, it will fade away and you’ll drift into the unknowns soon enough 🙂

  7. Why I clicked on the link to your blog (from Kotaku):

    1) You appear to be an intelligent human being with a sense of humor.

    2) With 8 simple pictures you pinpointed just about everything I hate about modern game design and I want to see what else you have to say about it.

    3) No, it wasn’t that funny, but damn it if it wasn’t relevant.

    4) You declined my facebook friend request. (j/k)

    I’ll be adding your blog to my feedreader, trawling through your archives and stinking up your comments section from now on.

  8. I was joking about the Facebook friend request. I only send friend requests to people I know.

  9. Well, yeah, I’m here for the game design minutiae! It WAS clever. But not as clever as, say, the hamster dance……. ha.

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