236 thoughts on “If Mario Was Designed in 2010

  1. Great post, and so true. It’s like those modern elements are required nowadays sort of like a checklist of must dos for your game. You have to guide the player so they’re not confused because the first run experience is crucial. Social is important to get the word out, players expect rewards as achievements, etc. Everyone is doing it so there’s pressure to be on the same level, but is this dumbing down our games and adding unnecessary stuff into the experience?

  2. Hey.

    I’m GLAD Mario wasn’t designed in 2010. All this catering to low attention spans, having to hold the player’s hand every two minutes, and the need to post every other action to Facebook, etc. is for the birds.

    It wouldn’t be pixel art either. Would probably be lots of vector art, or probably some pseudo, 3d-ish art, or something else that looks gimmicky.

    Oh, and there probably would be zombies, ninjas, pirates, dragons, or some other overused creature or character.

    It probably would be a more elaborate physics system (Box2D, etc.) Not that Box2D is bad (it’s amazing) – it’s just not a good fit for this type of game – you’d have to hack the library to get that feel of control.

    And let’s not forget some upgrades system that’s presented at the end of each level.

    Now, if Super Mario 3, which was a HUGE hit back then, was designed for the current day – I can already see some attempt on trying to make that into some kinda wannabe-RPG/Platformer/Action/MMO mix, designed by those who are trying to cater to everybody, rather than focusing on a specific element, and realizing that they’re simply not going to get everyone, and they should be ok with that. It will be full of stats, hit/miss ratios (imagine clearly stomping a Goomba, or hitting a Koopa Troopa with a fireball, and it said “MISS”), and luck-based gameplay.

    The design would be hell.

    – Ziro out.

  3. The problem with this is that it assumes Nintendo isn’t Nintendo and instead Ubisoft or some other company.

  4. Considering there hasn’t been a good game released the past 14 years. If mario was designed in 2010 it wouldn’t matter since it wouldn’t have been any good and we wouldn’t have cared and nobody would have known. What if your grandmother was your grandfather? Ha? lol at the collages thou… We used to have great games back when I was little, what are kids going to play now? Zinga is BS and GTA is retarded.

  5. That’s it. 2013 is halfway over, and memories of 2010 are exploding in my mind. We need time machine.

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