236 thoughts on “If Mario Was Designed in 2010

  1. Those ideas are cool, but I can’t help myself to laugh at it while scrolling down on the images. You forgot to create something like a Super Mario MMORPG, hehe. Anyways, I’m so glad that it was out during the 80’s.

  2. Can’t wait till they release the Bowser’s Castle DLC haha

    The message wasn’t lost on me though! I too long for the old days when games were simpler and didn’t require you to be “always connected”. Or assume you have NO intuition…

  3. Wii or NES? I don’t know what this 2010 super Mario Brothers is on. Probably it might be Wii! Or a brand-new NES.

  4. Is this really what games have come to? It’s sad really….
    You didn’t need instructions for Mario on the good ol NES, you just
    played. It was so simple, but so much fun for hours. And now
    everything is facebook, and it pisses me off!

  5. I can see a few flaws there. When mario reached the warp pipe, this one should have had a glow and Lakitu should have something like “Hmmm, this pipe looks different than the others, you ought to check down whats inside!”

    Needs more collectables too.

  6. It’s 2011 and I don’t care anymore! And I’ve never posted a comment in a while… I would rather play the plain, old-school, 1985, NES, version on rom station. This is how you download rom station: type in: http://www.romstation.net.fr (fr is for france, but i’m in north america) then, scroll down, then click Install. After that, you’ll be all done, and you could play! 🙂

  7. And you posted it it in 2010, so Mario should have been designed last year… And leave a comment to me (MarioLover211) if you installed that thing i told you to install! (Even you, Zack Hiwiller!:-))

  8. Any person could install what i told them to! Just click the link on my 1st comment i posted this year!:)

  9. If you click on the link, and it doesn’t work, search for it on Google instead. You could also tell me (MarioLover211) what games you played and what console they were for! Just add a comment! 😀

  10. You’re comparing a cartridge game on a home console dedicated to playing games vs. a free cross-browser social networking app.

  11. One thing missing:

    Attempting to restore network connection. The game will resume once the connection has been re-established. Please wait.

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