I’m more than 50% moved into the new apartment, so I have enough time to blog for a moment.

  • I’ve been really lax lately and I think the reason is that I want to wait to post something significant because every time I post it broadcasts to my Twitter peeps and I don’t want to be THAT GUY who spams his Twitter with links to his blog that has nothing worth linking over. So I turned off the notifier widget. Resume posting.
  • I’m two days into the new gig and it is quite different than my old one. That’s about all I’m comfortable saying for now, but I’m guessing I’ll have a game out and be working on the next one by year’s end. After years of spinning my tires at EA (I haven’t actually shipped anything since 2007 since all the new IPs I was working on became stillborn) it is nice to know you will have short cycles. The downside of short cycles is that you have to aim a little lower in terms of scope and so you just have to try your best to get something quality out there. I’m expecting that I’ll feel the process out after a project or two.
  • On my first day I was sitting at a PC with a notebook in front of me, a deck on the screen and a word doc empty with possibilities. And damn if I didn’t just jump in with both feet. I almost forgot what a thrill it was to have that blank page there, ready to absorb your ideas. I work in flurries. I type pages at a time and just get out all my ideas in almost a stream of consciousness. I wonder if other designers work that way? I never asked. But I’ve always worked really fast and followed these fits with periods of non-productivity.

    And I think that because everything comes out in that one labor is why I am so loathe to murder my darlings as it were. Every idea is connected and even though I know that some of them aren’t as good as others and that other eyes will see things differently, I still try to hang on. It’s a bad habit I need to stop.

  • Living in New York City is cool! I have a great view of “The City” from my kitchen. The neighborhood I’m in has vast amenities. I’ve enjoyed some great meals. I’m starting a Tumblr blog as an experimental place to post pictures and thoughts about being a new outsider. It’s called Noob York City. I’ll reference it more in the future, but the plan is just to sort of post observations, reviews, etc. and be more of a journal than anything.

    Glo leaves this weekend for two months and I imagine I’ll like New York a lot less alone.

  • Games! I’ve been playing Might and Magic for the DS which is fantastic, but I haven’t yet found/unpacked my DS charger so that is on the back burner. I’ve been waiting to start anything I got around Christmas until I finish Dragon Age: Origins which is [synonym for fantastic] but it’s just so damn long. On the train ride I’ve been playing Wolfenstein RPG and I’ve downloaded The Quest after seeing raves on Fidgit. I’ve also got back into some Facebook games because I am some sort of masochist. Really, most of them are just damn awful.

3 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. You should put a permanent link to Noob York City somewhere on the main page of Hiwiller.com.

    Also even though I’m not a designer, I work in fits too. I’ll fix like 5 bugs one day and then another I don’t even want to look at the list of bugs. I tend to feel a lot better about myself when I’m on the productive side of the curve. Or maybe it’s that I’m productive when I feel better. Hmm.

  2. Totally agree with you about the thrill of the blank page. I too could write pages and pages at a time… it makes editing quite daunting at times, especially on days when my working memory is totally taxed already. I sometimes wish for a program that would literally block me from writing if I went ABOVE a certain page limit (probably when I got 20% over my goal). Do you ever use constraints like that? I’m working on a book about the topic now based on some research I’ve done (http://caneelian.com/research & http://bit.ly/blankpg) and I’d be interested in your creative process. How you figure out which darlings to kill?

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