For Those Who Missed It

I announced over Twitter and Facebook that my own personal adventures in unemployment would be over next month which is absolutely terrifying and exciting. I’m moving to New York City (!) to take a design gig with Gameloft which I am extremely excited about. I’m less excited about the whole having to find an apartment and move in a month which also holds Christmas, New Years, my birthday and my parents visiting for a week, but I’ll take what I can get.

Luckily, I have Gameloft’s NY Nights (a social-sim game which is a steal at 99c) to teach me about airport protocol:

and culture:

The bonus to any of the blog’s readers that are still left (I’m shocked by the numbers seeing as I’ve barely posted this past year – posts about Farmville and Mafia Wars get a lot of Google hits as expected, but there are a lot of organic hits, too. Thanks if you are one of them!) is that I will be posting a lot more. The original purpose of the blog was kind of a warm-up to the day – I’d read the game news sites, comment on something by posting if I had something novel to say and then start my work. Being employed in the industry will allow me to get back to that routine.

I’d also like to thank Paul and the good folks at GameJobHunter, who helped me to connect with Gameloft. I worked with Paul many moons ago at Tiburon and now he and a few buddies are running a totally free site that doesn’t list the same six jobs that cycle through Gamasutra every week. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in that in-between state.

I have a few posts brewing in my head that I won’t mention. I also have my yearly game awards and I think people will be interested in that mine will probably be uncorrelated with any major review site.

Also: Demoman and Soldier updates? Yes, please.

5 thoughts on “For Those Who Missed It

  1. Same 6 jobs? We do have 67 designer positions active right now (which means posted in the last month), so I think that’s a tad uncharitable, Zack. Congrats anyhow!

  2. Oh, don’t be so touchy Simon, you know I was exaggerating. 🙂 They do repost way too often though. It’s frustrating when you’ve applied to all the ones you are interested in/qualified for and everytime you come back the “new” ones aren’t new. It can’t be all bad though because I kept coming back.

  3. New York City!! Hope they’re paying well. 🙂 Say if you happen to visit their Paris Headquarters, give me a shout. I’m just up the road in Frankfurt, Germany. Yep….I moved again. Congrats! Good Company.

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