Behind Me

There is a group of undergrads behind me practicing a presentation for a product development class. If I was the professor, I’d flunk them.

They want to create a face scanner for the Wii and somehow they think that it could be magically backwards-compatible to all current Wii games where you could just drop in your face photo-realistically into any character in any game. MAGIC. They project sales would outsell Wii Fit even though there is no game experience with it. Despite that this has been tried in a bunch of games to middling interest.

Supply is impossible, demand is nonexistent.

UPDATE: I listened to them bitching after they come out of the presentation and apparently they were the second group in the class with the exact same idea. Words fail me.

One thought on “Behind Me

  1. That sounds like a lot of the presentations I heard about when my brother discussed his industrial design classes. My brother would talk about the product and features, and I would tell him why it couldn’t work.

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