Updates + Dominion Card Randomizer

I updated the Dominion Card Randomizer (original thread here) to include Seaside’s cards. Thanks to the nice folks who posted scans to the BGG gallery.

I also fixed the bug with the “Attack then React” rule, so you should no longer get duplicates in that query.

I spent extremely little time testing the update since I know you are all getting your Seaside boxes and are clamoring for the update. Therefore, you are all my QA. Thanks! 🙂

As always, questions, suggestions, bug reports and comments are welcomed.

Sorry to those expecting more substantial posts. I realize that September and October have been my weakest months regarding posting since starting this blog four years ago (the archives only go back to 7/07 since that is when I moved to WordPress). I’m doing this graduate student thing with three part time jobs and it is really sucking the life out of me. I have lots to say about Canabalt, Brutal Legend and the like – it’s just a matter of putting fingers to keys for purposes other than writing a critique of some dull accounting case. I only did the Dominion update because people were asking for it.

So I promise I am only on hiatus. I hit Twitter more often because I can do it from my phone in twenty seconds, so look me up there. I’ll be forcing myself to output posts of substance and quality once my life settles down, which it should (God willing) in a few months.

In the meantime, go play Canabalt.

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