The good folks at HandyGames were kind enough to provide me with a download code for Puzzlegeddon for the iPhone. I had played the demo of the PC game ages back when Puzzle Quest was en vogue and anything that slightly resembled it caught my attention. Now it is ported to the iPhone which is really the appropriate platform for such a game.

The premise is similar to Puzzle Quest in a way: play an action puzzler to gain resources and use those resources to attack foes. Instead of match 3, Puzzlegeddon uses a sliding mechanic akin to Yoshi’s Cookie but easier as you only need to get a block of five of the same type adjacent to clear those blocks.

Puzzlegeddon is polished and presented well. There are a number of bonus challenges and assorted bells and whistles that pack more value than your average Flash game. If you are a fan of the Puzzle Quest esque genre, you will find a lot to love here.

However, I find the game mechanically flawed if it is attempting to be tactical or too slow if it is trying to be a fast-paced twitch puzzler. Tactically, you only need red or green resources for attack and defense. Blue and yellow are generally a waste of time when playing against AI opponents. Thus, you load up on red and then try to clear the board with green until more reds come up. If you want to play as quickly as possible as if the game were an on-your-toes sort of puzzle game a la Tetris Attack, then you burn out because the timed levels are generally five or six minutes long.

While that sounds like a damning criticism, it shouldn’t be taken as such. The real test of any iPhone game is to see how often you play it when you are waiting somewhere (Idle Time Test) and I’ve fired Puzzlegeddon up a number of times in the past few weeks. It isn’t perfect, but it is executed well and brings a unique addition to any app collection.

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