Finger in the Air re: App Store Data

I’m working on a little iPhone App Store data analysis now that Apple is releasing revenue ranks (more important) in addition to sales ranks (less important) and I reached an interesting piece of information.

Madden for the iPhone is Sales Rank 1 (among games) and Revenue Rank 1 (among games) at a price of $9.99. Battle Bears is Sales Rank 2 (again, among games = *) and Revenue Rank 14 (*) at a price of $0.99. So if you assume Madden sold one more unit than Battle Bears (this is the minimum obviously), then Madden brought in 10x the revenue of Battle Bears. But since Battle Bears is 14th in revenue (*), that means that between 14th in revenue and 1st is a factor of ten. Since only ordinal data is published, we have to guess at the cardinal numbers. But regardless Madden must have brought in more than 14th-23rd place (in revenue) combined and likely brought in more. (And with NFL 2010 at 33rd in revenue, EA must be getting 80x the revenue or some ungodly figure) That’s pretty dominant. It’s likely that sales follow a power law where the top 20% get 80% of the revenue.

I wish I could get a hold of the real numbers rather than trying to guess with a copy of Excel that really can’t handle all those variables. I also wish I was better at statistics. Anyway, the real analysis will come when I get around to it. I’m trying to determine how various aspects affect revenue/sales such as price, genre, complexity, etc. but I’ll probably end up getting distracted by something shiny and finding out something else or abandoning it all together, so don’t hold your breath. 😉

3 thoughts on “Finger in the Air re: App Store Data

  1. as one of the BB devs we to would kill for this number. suffice it to say they are making a killing! we’re just hoping they will burn out before we do just so we can say we were the number one game 😀

  2. But being the number 2 selling game is nothing to scoff at either. Congrats on the success! I sure hope you are covering costs ok. I’d be interested in your insights on the market.

  3. my insights are that whoever apple decides is good enough for a banner ad wins… and we arn’t sure who to bribe for that yet 😛

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