One More Thing for Madden Fans

I realize I am treading on dangerous ground given my background, but as a fan I’m really disappointed at the announcement of Madden 2010 for the iPhone. All this wait and then we get what looks to be the NDS version except you use your pudgy digits instead of a stylus. Give us a tactics game, give us console integration, give us an owner RPG, or integrate with a Facebook version and let us play leagues with our friends on the road, give us something, anything we haven’t seen before…

Oops. Tricked you. The second pic is Gameloft’s NFL 2010 released last month. It looks like the exact same game, doesn’t it? And it probably suffers from the same mechanic issues that plague all games that require twitch and precision on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Add a degree of difficulty for being in 3D.

Even if the bells and whistles are different (and I have no indication that they are), it won’t matter if the meat and potatoes is a pale imitation of what we are used to. You can’t get the same control as Duel Analog Sticks on your phone. Nor should you attempt to. It shouldn’t be: “It’s Madden, but on your phone… Kinda.” It should be a supplement in addition to console Madden with a unique aesthetic, not an also-ran because EA needed a Colecovision version for the monopoly.

I’ve been screaming this idea for far too long. I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

It’s probably an OK game. I just have no reason to buy it.

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