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I spent today dusting off my old PHP and SQL skills. If you play the card game Dominion, you may be well aware that an expansion just released called Dominion: Intrigue that doubles the number of cards. (If you don’t play Dominion, what the hell, man? It’s the best card game since Texas Hold’Em.)

Well, there’s an issue with playing with both the base set of Dominion and the new Intrigue set. To figure out which ten cards to play with, you have to mix cards from different sets together, shuffle, draw and then put those away and get out the piles of the corresponding cards. What a chore.

So I threw together the Dominion Card Picker.

With it, you can choose which sets you want to play with (including the promo cards if you have them) and the script will shoot out a random ten cards for you to play with, including letting you know which set each belongs to so you can dig them out of the correct box.

You can also add constraints to make the selection less lame like requiring a card with an extra buy to be in the ten or at least one card that nets an extra action.

Try it out and let me know if there are bugs or any ideas to improve it.

116 thoughts on “Dominion Card Picker / Randomizer

  1. I would like to see a two Prosperity features which are alluded to in the Prosperity rulebook.

    1) I can explicitly add Platinum and Colony as cards in the 10 selections.

    2) I can auto generate 5 Prosperity selections similar to your Alchemy feature. This allows for ‘Prosperity Games’ designed to use Platinum and Colonies as basic cards.

  2. A suggestion for improvement: Your option for… If there
    is an Attack card, require Moat. …could potentially by being
    modified as… If there is an Attack card, require Moat or
    Lighthouse …with the caveat that the seaside set be checked for
    use. CHEERS!

  3. Great program, thanks for making and sharing it. Just a
    suggestion here too: Give the opition to not have any ATTACK cards
    be included in the selection of the ten decks. We don’t play any of
    the attack cards and still LOVE this game.

  4. Very useful program. I can suggest you to give the option to use the cards of the fan expansion prensented in BGG (fairy tale, salvation, royal court and book of magic).

  5. Very cool site! I ended up finding yours after someone told me about the app for iTouch/iPad. Unfortunately I only have an iPod so can’t use that one. Looks like you turned this into a Facebook app at one point. Is there any chance of modifying it so it would work on the electronics I usually carry, besides my laptop, namely a Samsung Strive and an iPod Classic generation 7? I will definitely use it here when I’m at home. Thanks!

  6. I thought about the FB app but realized that it wouldn’t do anything the site didn’t. Are you asking for an “offline” version?

  7. Yes. Specifically something that would work on a Samsung Strive or an iPod classic 7th generation. These are the two electronics I carry with me most often. To put it in more general terms, a phone app that works on any smart phone, not just Apple or Android. I would definitely pay a standard app fee for this.

  8. Very nice app. Here’s a few suggestions:
    1) Options to “exclude attack cards” and “exclude cards that give curses” so that the games can be faster.
    2) Option to “exclude duration cards”. Some Seaside cards are nice but we regularly avoid these.

    But if you have “Another ten cards” button avoid giving the same card again, a person can click until ten cards that meet a criteria are found. The button should scroll thru a shuffled set of cards.

  9. Woo, thanks, it’s great to have Cornucopia there, too.
    Any way you could get it to pick a “Bane” pile, too, if the Young Witch comes up?

  10. Suggestions:

    (1) An option to require at least one kingdom card per set selected (except the promos, obviously)

    (2) An option to increase or decrease the number of kingdom cards selected, to allow for “house rules” games with more or less supply piles.

    (3) The “require a moat” option modified to “require one of…” and let the users check any or all of the reaction cards in the game.

    (4) The ability to selectively blacklist any individual cards from any set. EG, check of “Throne Room” and it isn’t in the random pool.

    Your program is great, we use it all the time. Many thanks!


  11. I noticed you already have the Cornucopia set added to your site, which is awesome. With the set came Young Witch, a card that requires adding another card to the game with restrictions, namely 2 or 3 cost. It would be awesome if you could make something to generate such a card; or add to the program that if Young Witch is selected, it selects an additional Bane card.

  12. nice work! any chance you could release the source code? i’m just interested in the logic; i wanted to make a mobile version in javascript so i could use it offline on my ipod touch (with files lite).

  13. Thanks for the Randomizer. I use it often (much easier than shuffling 100+ cards).

    However, I’d like to request a new sorting option: Alphabetical by expansion. That’s the natural order of the cards when stored in their original boxes and makes finding them easier.

  14. This randomizer is awesome! Could you put up a Bitcoin donation address, or at least some sort of Paypal-related donation button? (I’d prefer Bitcoin, but would eventually get around to paying via prepaid debit card or something.)

    Keep up the great work!

  15. Please can you add Hinterlands? I’m going to have to switch to a different randomizer and i like yours the most.

  16. Great program, and I look forward to further updates! I agree with the previously posted suggestions of having the force moat command should be a force any counter card command. Good luck with that and I look forward to future updates!

  17. Love the program, and all of the suggestions for improvements above. My idea is to have an “Order alpha/by cost” button on the screen with the randomized board. We keep all of our cards bindered together (as many probably do), so with this button added we could retrieve the kingdom cards alphabetically, and still be able to switch the view to see that same board by cost.

  18. Thanks for this, Zack. Much easier than messing about with my big deck of randomisers.

    Any chance of a ‘select all’ button for the top half? That’d be great!

  19. Sorry for doubling up, but I’ve also noticed that ticking the ‘3-5 Alchemy cards’ box leads to 3-5 cards in EVERY set, which obviously isn’t representative. I think this needs tweaking as well.

  20. I think the background color cells could be bigger and maybe have padding between them. As it is now you have to squint and look closely to see what color surrounds each card.

  21. Two suggestions:

    A select all sets button on the options page

    A switch between alpha and cost on the second page.

    Otherwise, awesome work.

  22. Two suggestions:

    Add dark ages to the roster.

    Change the “If there is an Attack card, require Moat.” option to say “If there is an Attack card, require a Reaction card.” Or you can add this option and keep the Moat option. Thanks!

  23. > Sorry for doubling up, but I’ve also noticed that
    > ticking the ’3-5 Alchemy cards’ box leads to
    > 3-5 cards in EVERY set, which obviously
    > isn’t representative.
    > I think this needs tweaking as well.

    I have noticed this too! Every 10 cards will always have at least 3 alchemy cards!

  24. Noticed a very minor bug. Rabble appears to be sorting itself as if it was a $6 card.

    BTW, the randomizer is fantastic.

  25. That would be because I had it listed as 6 for some reason. I’ve fixed it. Also Pillage was sorting incorrectly which I’ve also fixed.

  26. I love this program, it saves tons of time. It would be cool if there was a feature to generate a text list of cards so I could save cool boards I might want to remember or try again.

  27. Not that I don’t figure you’re doing this, but I hope you’re working on implementing Guilds soon!

  28. My friends, my wife, and I just discovered Dominion a couple weeks ago and are loving and tonight I discovered your website. It is awesome! We love it! Just out of curiosity, are you still planning on putting Guilds in there as well?

  29. Hey, this is a great little tool for picking cards. Thanks!
    Have you thought about changing the background colours to match the box/rules colours for each set?

  30. I’ve enjoyed using your site for awhile- thanks!
    I think I see a bug: I tried to push the randomizer into choosing “Walled Garden” (walled village?) and was unable to get it to draw so in several attempts (even when I asked for 3-5 alchemy cards and all 5 promo cards). Maybe it’s not actually available to your randomizer?

  31. I tried your randomizer for the 1st time as it was recommended somewhere on a google search. I like the ability to choose the sets you want to randomize, and I love the way the cards show up on the screen. I have a couple of suggestions and comments. I found that the sets that were chosen for me did not limit themselves to the sets I had checked off including even cards from a set we don’t own. Also, it would be really helpful for those of us who are only partially obsessed (and don’t know which ones are expansions and which ones are base sets) to have those games in a bit of a separate section, so that if you don’t select the right possible combos (i.e. Hinterland & Seaside), you could get a pop up that says, hey you need a base set, too. or something like that. Thanks for working on this for the rest of us. If it is helpful & I am the only idiot having these problems, I’m working on an iPadAir with the latest MacOS.

  32. I just remembered I had another suggestion, which is that it would be cool to be able to tap on any suggested card & be able to have another card pop up as a suggested replacement. (Man, I wish I were a programmer. Must be fun!) Thanks again.

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