4th of July Fun Facts

It being Independence Day and all, I figured I’d do something civic and patriotic. So I did some research on the voting records of our wonderful representatives of the last ten years regarding some of the most egregious power grabs.

Did you know that only two representatives voted against the Iraq War, bank bailouts, “stimulus package”, Omnibus spending and cap-and-trade? Those two are Congressmen John J. Duncan Jr. of Tennessee and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. However, there are thirty-one who voted in favor of all five.

The numbers get better if you extend the analysis to only penalize the representatives for voting for the bills (this eliminates striking someone who was not in office at the time of the Iraq War or TARP votes).  There are then fifty-eight who qualify. I don’t like this analysis enough because it only covers the Democrats’ sponsored GIANT waste programs and not both of the ones conceived by the previous Republican administration. So these fifty-six are untested by the party machine breathing down their necks. Twenty-eight of these were around to vote No on TARP, so they get partial credit.

But still, it’s really depressing. Only 2 of 245 that have been around since 2002 voted straight against while 31/245 voted straight for. That’s a factor of 15:1. There’s only the possibility of maybe a total of 30 fiscally respectable representatives out of the 435. Not even 10%.

I’ve uploaded the spreadsheet I used to do the tracking so you can add or delete your own peeves and make the state of American freedom more or less grave.

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