Under the Radar – BCFX

I remember seeing a promo video for Black College Football Xperience a few years ago. Working in a studio whose bread and butter was football games, I was always excited to see other takes on the game even when they were significantly less than stellar or vaporware (plz bi our companee thx). But I remember it being a PC only product (and rightfully so for something that was pretty niche), but now I see that it is getting a full Xbox 360 release. Metacritic has no clue that it is coming out since they list no entry, so I hope there is at least a demo. It is coming out bargain-priced which is… never a good sign, but still my curiosity is piqued. And how this gets around NCAA exclusivity is anybody’s guess. If it wasn’t a football game, I’d probably sarcastically scream OH BOY MINIGAMES and delete it from my memory.

Oh, and guys, referees wear white hats. ::rolleyes::

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