Some TF2 Nonsense

It’s my first day of school today, oh boy. Let me gather up my pencils and little nubby eraser bits that go on the end and protractors and lunch tickets and trapper keepers… Actually, I’m not all that excited. I’m taking Accounting for six long weeks. No disrespect to accountants out there; it’s just not my game.

Speaking of games, I’m going to do another iPhone game roundup very shortly since I’ve amassed a few interesting titles since my last update: Chocolatier (!), Dream Chronicles, The Quest (Lite), Phase 10, Trivial Pursuit, Lemonade Stand, Phrase Party, Cooking Quest (Lite). Wow, that’s actually a lot more than I thought.

Also: Have you seen Team Fortress 2’s “Meet The Spy” video? They took it to a new level: Even if you don’t play TF2, I think you will enjoy this.

Oh, what the hell – these are great too if you haven’t seen them, but may only be funny to TF2 players. Since the Scout looks like Vince Offer, someone put this together:

But Heavy Weapons Guy wanted a piece of that action, so he sells household cleaners when he isn’t merc-ing:

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