Mafia Wars Field Strategy Guide

As you can see from the timestamp below, I stopped updating this in June 09. From my server logs, I see that many people are still coming to this page. You should know that since Zynga is constantly changing the game, many (most) of this information is out of date. Take that as you will – z.

Last updated on 13 June 2009.

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Hi all, I decided to throw together this quick chart for the players of the Facebook/Myspace/Phone/Toaster game Mafia Wars after getting sick of trying to divide by prime numbers in my head and not finding sufficiently updated lists on other sites. Below you will see the loot drops and the experience points per energy point for all the jobs of the first seven tiers. I’ll update as I progress in the game.

If you are simply trying to maximize experience points, do the “Manufacture Tokens”, “Get Cheating Deck” & “Run Illegal Poker Game” jobs. This trio requires 36 energy and yields 63 experience, the best ratio I’ve seen so far in the game for lower levels. If you have less than 36 energy, the “Bank Heist” job yields a similar, but slightly smaller ratio. Once you reach Level 80, you will be able to “Muscle In On a Triad Operation”, which has a juicy 72/42 yield.

But the best use of this table is for choosing between jobs when trying to fill up mastery meters. If all your good jobs are filled (Bank Heist, Run Illegal Poker Game, Protect Your City”, etc.) and you are trying to figure out which lesser job will yield more experience, then just look it up on the table below.

The orange bars are jobs which yield loot drops which are consumable by other jobs. You will find yourself doing these jobs not for experience or mastery, but to fulfill requirements for other jobs that require these consumables. I’ve highlighted them so that they can be easily found and remembered.

The one time that you shouldn’t care about EXP/ENG is when you are about to level up. Get as close to the leveling up total as you can (if you level up at 7000 EXP, then try to get to 6999) Then simply find the job which you have the energy to perform that yields the highest experience points. Since experience points carry over to the next level, but your energy refills instantly, you can get some “free” experience points this way. If you are good at fighting, the boss fights grow in experience as you level up and can be a great way to get an edge on your next level up.

UPDATE: A commenter has clued me in that the values I stated may be after the Wheelman and Mastermind bonuses. In that case, you would need to add 6% more energy and subtract 6% experience. I could go through the table and update everything to be sans bonus, but everything would still be wrong for anyone with either bonus. Since these bonuses apply equally to each job, it wouldn’t change the rank order of preference for each. The only useful thing the bonuses would change is the XP/EN value. Use this table as a guide and then verify with your own situation.

Street Thug XP EN XP/EN Loot Consumed
Mugging 1 1 1.000
Corner Store Hold-Up 3 3 1.000
Warehouse Robbery 5 5 1.000
Auto Theft 8 6 1.333
Beat Up Rival Gangster 2 2 1.000 .22 Pistol
Rob a Pimp 3 3 1.000 9mm Semi
Collect On A Loan 2 2 1.000
Collect Protection Money 2 2 1.000 Butterfly Knife
Rough Up Dealers 2 2 1.000 Brass Knuckles
Take Out a Rogue Cop 3 3 1.000 .45 Revolver
Perform a Hit 3 3 1.000 Tactical Shotgun
Bank Heist 15 9 1.666
Jewelry Store Job 21 14 1.500
Hijack a Semi 9 7 1.286
Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout 5 5 1.000 C4
Kill a Protected Snitch 5 5 1.000 Stab-Proof Vest
Bust a Made Man Out of Prison 5 5 1.000 Automatic Rifle
Museum Break-in 23 16 1.438
Fight a Haitian Gang 6 5 1.200 Semi-Automatic Shotgun
Clip the Irish Mob’s Local Enforcer 11 9 1.222 Lucky Shamrock Medallion
Steal a Tanker Truck 9 7 1.286
Federal Reserve Raid 31 23 1.348
Smuggle Across the Border 8 6 1.333 Armored Truck
Liquor Smuggling + Distill Liquor 63 44 1.431 Liquor
Run Illegal Poker Game + 2 Prep Tasks 63 36 1.750 Tokens & Cards
Wiretap the Cops + Overtake Phones 60 37 1.622 Wiretap Device
Rob an Electronics Store 27 22 1.228 Concealable Camera or Computer Set-Up or Untraceable Cell Phone
Burn Down a Tenement 23 16 1.438
Distill Some Liquor 13 9 1.444 Liquor
Manufacture Tokens 13 9 1.444 Tokens
Get Cheating Deck 13 9 1.444 Cards
Overtake Phone Central 13 9 1.444 Wiretap Device
Repel the Yakuza 19 12 1.583 Grenade Launcher
Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring 21 14 1.500 .50 Caliber Rifle
Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood 31 23 1.348 Armored Car
Sell Guns to the Russian Mob 37 23 1.609 RPG Launcher
Protect your city against a Rival Family 53 32 1.656 Bodyguards
Assassinate a Political Figure 53 32 1.656 Night-Vision Goggles
Exterminate a Rival Family 59 37 1.595 Napalm
Obtain Compromising Photos 33 26 1.269 Blackmail Photos Concealable Camera
Frame a Rival Capo 34 24 1.417 2x Wiretap Devices
Steal an Air Freight Delivery 38 30 1.267 Prop Plane
Run a Biker Gang Out of Town 42 32 1.312 Harley Davidson
Flip a Snitch 31 23 1.348 Untraceable Cell Phone
Steal Bank Records 38 28 1.357 Illegal Transaction Records
Loot the Police Impound Lot 63 56 1.125
Recruit a Rival Crew Member 41 28 1.464
Dodge an FBI Tail 28 18 1.556 Untraceable Cell Phone
Whack a Rival Crew Leader 40 26 1.538
Influence a Harbor Official 68 47 1.447 Luxury Yacht Blackmail Photos
Move Stolen Merchandise 53 33 1.606
Snuff a Rat 65 41 1.585
Help a Fugitive Flee the Country 60 37 1.621
Dispose of a Body 38 23 1.652
Ransom a Businessman’s Kids 74 56 1.321 Porsche 911 Untraceable Cell Phone
Fix the Big Game 63 47 1.340 Bookie’s Holdout Pistol Illegal Transaction Records
Steal an Arms Shipment 69 42 1.643
Extort a Corrupt Judge 38 22 1.574 Illegal Transaction Records, Computer Setup
Break Into The Armory 63 47 1.340 Humvee
Rip Off the Armenian Mob 72 47 1.532 AR-15 Assault Rifle
Muscle-in on a Triad Operation 72 42 1.714
Ambush a Rival at a Sit Down 84 51 1.647
Order a Hit On A Public Official 58 32 1.812 Untraceable Cell Phone
Take Over An Identity Theft Ring 55 33 1.667 Falsified Documents Computer Set-Up
“Settle” a Beef… Permanently 67 37 1.810
Buy Off A Federal Agent 53 32 1.656 Federal Agent Blackmail Photos
Make a Deal With The Mexican Cartel 63 37 1.702 Private Jet
Blackmail the District Attorney 69 41 1.683 Police Crusier Blackmail Photos
Shake Down a City Council Member 131 79 1.658 Armored Limosine Illegal Transaction Records
Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don 63 37 1.703
Take Control of a Casino 116 65 1.785
Travel to the Old Country 86 48 1.792 Private Jet

20 thoughts on “Mafia Wars Field Strategy Guide

  1. Once you get to Boss (Lvl 100+) you get a couple better jobs (Note that I have slightly better payouts):

    9 – Boss Settle a Beef… Permanently 68 37 183.78%
    2 – Associate Bank Heist 16 9 177.78%
    9 – Boss Travel to the Old Country 86 49 175.51%
    4 – Enforcer Run Illegal Poker Game (+prep) 63 36 175.00%

    Interestingly, Bank Heist is almost the best job.

  2. I was looking over your chart and a lot of your energy costs didn’t match up with what I expected. I’m not sure if zynga changed some of the values or it could be differences between version (I’m using facebook). But I’m wondering if you collected those values after your Wheelman reduced the energy costs.

  3. That could very well be the case as I have nothing to compare it to for verification. I’m also using the facebook version. I assumed the Wheelman/Mastermind bonuses were taken after the stated energy/experience as listed, but apparently not. I am getting 6% less energy / 6% more experience on each. I’ll add a disclaimer, but since it applies to all jobs equally, the rank order of effectiveness shouldn’t change. Thanks!

  4. Do you know how many cell phones, illegal transaction records, computer set-ups and blackmail photos you need in total? I had alot of these and used them to trade for collection items, before I realized that I needed a ton of them. I have over 100 computer set-ups now. With no idea of how many I will need later I don’t know if I should keep all of them. Thanks.

  5. @Marlie: The short answer is _a lot_. Cell phones are the weak link, you will always be out of them. I currently have over a hundred computer set-ups and concealable cameras. You will still need a small handful of them so if you are trading them, I would only trade a couple. My advice would be to not trade any of your consumable items, just trade the collectibles and any loot drops beyond your fourth.

  6. A useful field to include would be how many times a job needs to be done to reach a “Mastered” status.

    Would be usefull to know that say at the “Hitman” level that the “Frame a Rival Capo” job needs to be done 20 times which means that you need the 40 wiretaps. These numbers are just examples.

  7. Is it truely random some of the loot or is there a system. for example my roomate gets tons of tri point hats and no muskets and i get a ton of muskets no tri hats

  8. Rewards for mastering the Tiers

    Street Thug (lvls 1 – 4)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Street Thug” jobs earning the title of “Master Street Thug”.
    A Pistol Bayonet has been added to your inventory, giving you +4% damage dealt in fights.

    Associate (lvls 5 – 8)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Associate” jobs earning the title of “Master Associate”.
    A Bugatti has been added to your inventory, giving you -7% damage received in fights.

    Soldier (lvls 9 – 12)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Soldier” jobs earning the title of “Master Soldier”.
    A Golden Skull has been added to your inventory, giving you a 30 second reduction on your health regen timer.

    Enforcer (lvls 13 – 17)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Enforcer” jobs earning the title of “Master Enforcer”.
    A Money Plate has been added to your inventory, giving you a 5% discount on property purchases.

    Hitman (lvls 18 – 24)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Hitman” jobs earning the title of “Master Hitman”.
    A Chainsaw Bayonet has been added to your inventory, giving you a 30 second reduction on your stanima regen timer.

    Capo (lvls 25 – 34)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Capo” jobs earning the title of “Master Capo”.
    A State Senator has been added to your inventory, giving you a 5% discount on property repairs.

    Consigliere (lvls 35 – 59)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Consigliere” jobs earning the title of “Master Consigliere”.
    A Helicopter has been added to your inventory, giving you a 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer.

    Underboss (lvls 60 – 99)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Underboss” jobs earning the title of “Master Underboss”.
    A Private Island has been added to your inventory, giving you a 5% bonus on job experience.

    Boss (lvls 100+)
    You have mastered all of the level 3 “Boss” jobs earning the title of “Master Boss”.
    A Golden Throne has been added to your inventory, giving you 2x the energy regenerated per regen period

    CUBA Rewards for mastering the tiers

    El Soldado ——–> El Rey Roadster [40, 34]
    El Capitan ——–> Guerilla Commando
    El Jefe ——–> Avispa Machine Gun
    El Patron ——–> Che’s Beret
    El Padrino ——–> Cocodrilo APC [42, 56]

    Weapons, Armours and Vehicles

    Street Thug (lvls 1 – 4)
    Beat Up Rival Gangster = .22 Pistol [2, 0 weapon]
    Rob a Pimp = 9mm Semi-Automatic [3, 2 weapon]

    Associate (lvls 5 – 8)
    Collect Protection Money = Butterfly Knife [2, 1 weapon]
    Rough Up Dealers = Brass Knuckles [2, 2 weapon]
    Take Out a Rogue Cop = .45 Revolver [3, 2 weapon]
    Perform a Hit = Tactical Shotgun [3, 2 weapon]

    Soldier (lvls 9 – 12)
    Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout = C4 [5, 2 weapon]
    Kill a Protected Snitch = Stab-Proof Vest [2, 5 armor]
    Bust a Made Man Out of Prison = Automatic Rifle [4, 4 weapon], Shamrock Medallion [1, 7 armor]
    Fight a Haitian Gang = Firebomb [4, 2 weapon], Semi-Automatic Shotgun [5, 4 weapon]
    Clip the Irish Mob’s Local Enforcer = Automatic Rifle [4, 4 weapon], Shamrock Medallion [1, 7 armor]
    Steal a Tanker Truck = Firebomb [4, 2 weapon], Semi-Automatic Shotgun [5, 4 weapon]

    Enforcer (lvls 13 – 17)
    Smuggle Across the Border = Armoured Truck [8, 4 vehicle]
    Rob an Electronics Store = Computer Set-Up, Concealable Camera, Untraceable Cell Phone (* special *)
    Overtake Phone Central = Wiretap devices (*special*)

    Hitman (lvls 18 – 24)
    Repel the Yakuza = Grenade Launcher [14, 10 weapon]
    Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring = .50 Caliber Rifle [16, 11 weapon]
    Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood = Armored Car [14, 15 vehicle]
    Sell Guns to the Russian Mob = RPG Launcher [20, 12 weapon]
    Protect your City against a Rival Family = Bodyguards [8, 25 armor]
    Assassinate a Political Figure = Night Vision Goggles [5, 16 armor]
    Exterminate a Rival Family = Napalm [25, 9 weapon]
    Obtain Compromising Photos = Blackmail Photos (* special *)

    Capo (lvls 25 – 34)
    Steal an Air Freight Delivery = Prop Plane [5, 20 vehicle]
    Run a Biker Gang Out of Town = Harley Davidson “Fat Boy” Motorcycle [18, 6 vehicle]
    Steal Bank Records = Illegal Transaction Records (* special *)

    Consigliere (lvls 35 – 59)
    Influence a Harbor Official = Luxury Yacht [10, 20 vehicle]
    Ransom a Businessman’s Kids = Porche 911 [20, 14 vehicle]
    Fix the Big Game = Bookie’s Holdout Pistol [24, 12 weapon]

    Underboss (lvls 60 – 99)
    Break Into the Armory = Humvee [26, 22 vehicle]
    Rip Off the Armenian Mob = AR-15 Assault Rifle [32, 10 weapon]
    Take Over an Identity Theft Ring = Falsified Documents [2, 30 armor]

    Boss (lvls 100+)
    Buy Off a Federal Agent = Federal Agent [15, 25 armor]
    Make a Deal with the Mexican Cartel = Private Jet [12, 38 vehicle]
    Blackmail the District Attorney = Police Cruiser [22, 28 vehicle]
    Shake Down a City Council Member = Armoured Limosine [16, 36 vehicle]

    Special Loot needed to master the tiers:

    Capo tier:

    Flip a Snitch: 52 Untraceable Cell Phones
    Dodge an FBI Tail: 82 Untraceable Cell Phones

    Consigliere Tier:

    Influence a Harbor Oficial: 35 Blackmail Photos
    Ransom a Businessman’s Kids: 35 Untraceable Cell Phones
    Fix the Big Game: 42 Illegal Transaction Records

    Underboss Tier:

    Extort a Corrupt Judge: 184 Illegal Transaction Records
    Embezzle Funds Through a Phony Company: 79 Illegal Transaction Records
    79 Computer Set-Ups
    Order a Hit on a Public Official: 184 Untraceable Cell Phones
    Take Over an Identity Thef Ring: 184 Computer Set-Ups

    Boss Tier:

    Buy Off a Federal Agent: 184 Blackmail Photos
    Blackmail the District Attorney: 184 Blackmail Photos
    Shake Down a City Council Member: 109 Illegal Transaction Records

    Untraceable Cell Phones : 353
    Blackmail Photos : 403
    Illegal Transaction Records : 414
    Computer Set-Ups : 263

    i think above qty are for default considering you didnt promote any top mafia of yours and on contradiction ,well varies on how many % attributes you top mafia has… qty needed decreases at the % of attributes increases

    PS . got this on one of the facebook mafia thread

  9. Question: I have mastered all three levels of street thug and have been a master street thug for some time and received the mastery level loot. When does it give you the new jobs. I am on level 29 and it still just shows the street thug jobs. I can’t figure out how to move up. Thanks!

  10. Susan, have you clicked the Job Tier titles above the area where the jobs are? That will bring you to each job tier.

  11. I’m level 108 and badly in need of untraceable cell phones and illegal transaction records. I know i can waste my energy on jobs like ‘Rob and Electronic Store’ or ‘Steal Bank Records’ and i was hoping that i could get them on fights as well. I used to be able to get them when i was level 90+ in a fight, but after i crossed 103, it’s was impossible to get them in any fight… why is that so?? Is the program doing it intentionally so that we will keep on playing to try to get these 2 items, or is there only a small amount that we can get them due to fighting, and once we get that amount, any further fights will be impossible to obtain them???

  12. I have Ripped off the Armenian Mob at least 50 times (no exaggeration) and have never received the AR-15 is there something I’m missing?

  13. Calvin, I don’t have any idea what the drop rate is for fights. Doing the jobs is the most surefire way to collect those items. You need _a lot_ of them by the end, so I wouldn’t count on just fights.

    Scott, drop rates can be pretty low. Even if the drop rate for the AR-15 is 2 percent, the _expected_ event would only be at 50 times. You could just be unlucky. Keep trying. AFAIK, you are doing everything right.

  14. This is very wrong. For one, you don’t have the top wheelman or mastermind. Second, you don’t have a private island.

    With an 11% wheelman, and 11% mastermind,
    Settle a Beef: Permananatly has the best ratio with 35 Energy for 71 XP.
    Bank Heist is second with a 8:16 ratio, or (2.00).

    However, with an 11% wheelman, 11% mastermind, AND a private island (5% additional xp recieved from jobs, Underboss mastery reward), it’s a bit different.
    Bank Heist becomes 8:17 (2.125) and becomes –> the best, most energy efficient job in the game <–.
    Settle a Beef becomes 35:74, or roughly (2.1143), which is EXTREMELY close, but is second to Bank Hiest. However, they are so similar at this point that it would be better to just do Settle a Beef to save time.

  15. i need the weapon in underboss at this job “Ambush a Rival at a Sit Down” who can tell me where to get that special loot drop, thanks

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