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Output has been slow recently as you can see by looking at the count on the archives: nine posts last month, four posts (not including this) so far this month. When I worked, I used this blog as sort of morning brain primer – I’d peruse my usual sites, find something interesting, comment on it and by then the cobwebs were gone, the caffeine was flowing and I could start my day.

Being unemployed has changed that somewhat. By necessity I’ve become a lot more frugal, spending less on lunches and other discretionary items (except I recently bought a set of Frisbee Golf Discs and felt like a sinner). Because of that, I’ve spent a hell of a lot less on games and so have less to comment on first-hand. I’ve been playing the copy of Far Cry 2 I got for Christmas and have clocked untold hours in Team Fortress 2. I’ve been playing Retro Game Challenge on the DS and plan a relatively thought-provoking piece about the design of minigames when I get farther into it.

Beyond the playing less games angle, I have actually spent less time trolling the internet looking for things to comment on. Since posting pings both my Twitter and Facebook accounts, I don’t really use this as a tumbleog where I just post whatever comes to mind. But furthermore, I’ve been in a pretty cynical funk where everything I think about posting about is negative. And I’ve always hated complain-y blogs and I try to catch myself at any opportunity.

Anyway, the point is: Do not think that my posting frequency of late is the bellweather of me forgetting about the blog. I vow it is only a momentary slump while my life switches gears.

What is going on with me?

I’ve lived in Central Florida now for a little over four years and I’ve really grown to like the place. My friends are here, my girlfriend’s family is here, there is plenty to do, I like the climate and so forth. The problem is that this area of the country isn’t exactly a hotbed for game development which is my passion and expertise. Looking at other fields has left me a little deflated. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Pausch book and living dreams and so forth.

What will it take to create my own studio?

Well, either a big heap of money or a smaller heap of money and interested contract suppliers. To get either, I feel I need a broader sense of what it would take to start and run my own business. When I saw that the University of Central Florida had an MBA program with a Technology Ventures certificate that could be completed in a little over a year, I got interested. There’s a local company that may be interested in hiring me part-time in the interim and I really like what I’ve seen and heard about them so we will see how that goes.

So that is what I plan to do. A year off to complete the program and test the waters then into the fund raising cycle. Expect our first game to be out by 2013. You can pre-order at Gamestop already, I bet. I may fail, but that won’t hurt nearly as much as taking a mediocre job and wondering what could have been.

I resolve to post more interesting things on here as I process them, so keep dropping by. When I look at the Google Analytics logs I am always surprised by how many of you are actually reading this. Every time I see that counter go up, it makes me feel like I am supported and for that I thank each and every one of you. The amount of response and support I’ve had since January 15th has been shocking to me. The Internet can be a pretty special place sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. It’s obviously a monumental task to try and start your own (successful) studio, but I like the idea and I like your plan of getting your MBA first. I feel like the climate is right for small studios to succeed in Orlando. Lots of talent coming from the schools in town, and people from EA looking to experiment with development in a smaller setting after doing the mega dev thing for many years.

  2. Having finished about 1/3rd of an MBA program (and stopping), there’s nothing in that MBA program you can’t figure out yourself. Save the tuition and use it to help fund your startup.

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