Auto Repair

I’m playing Far Cry 2 after reading the postmortem in GameDeveloper and remembering: “Oh yeah! I got that for Christmas!” It’s reminding me a lot of what game Mercenaries 2 could have been. The latter has a lot more character while the former is a lot more playable. If the numbers in the postmortem article are accurate (65 devs in year one, 105 devs in year two, 265[!!!] devs in year three), using even a lean average of $7k/man-month estimate, the development alone must have cost upwards of $30-40 million dollars and that isn’t counting publishing overhead or marketing.

Fun Fact! To fix any problem with any car, all one has to do is tighten a nut near the engine. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have been paying mechanics all this money these past few years!

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