Stone Tablets From the Mountains

I started playing Team Fortress 2 again yesterday and I actually have a lot to say about their brutal achievement system, but I will save that for a later day because I’m far too distracted by finding pictures on the Internet and trying to resist the urge of putting captions to them. It’s really the Typhoid of the Internet, this captioning thing.

Also, are there any TF2 servers that are exclusive that someone could key me into? While PC doesn’t have the mouth-breathing homophobia of Xbox Live, two-thirds of the servers I joined yesterday were full of people who were either being whiny passive-aggressives: “Oh, that’s cool, don’t bother getting those Sentries or anything. We don’t want to win.” or bitchy power users:”OMG, n00b! Blah blah blah”. If there’s a server out there that enforces my three commandments of “Thou Shalt Be Nice”, “Thou Shalt Help New People” and “Thou Shalt Abstain From Being A Whiny Bitch”, it would have my patronage every time I booted it up.

If it doesn’t exist, anyone want to start one?

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