I haven’t been doing any gaming at all besides picking up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: And Justice for All again. I made the mistake after completing the first Phoenix Wright game last year to jump right into this one and I just burned out. The series is fantastic but very, very slow. While it would probably cut the length of the game in half, I wish they would let you read at your own pace instead of typing out the text to the screen. I spend most of the game tapping the screen in fruitless anticipation that it will make the text go faster. I got my girlfriend playing the first one now, so evenings are just spent hearing the tinny sounds of “Objection!” and “Take That!” over and over.

I’m trying really hard not to stay in bed all day.

3 thoughts on “Sustained

  1. i agree! i can only play phoenix wright for so long before getting bored… but somehow i’ve played two of the games already. right now im in the middle of trials and tribulations and haven’t played it for a week because it started dragging. but i imagine i’ll pick it up again soon. when i run out of things to watch on hulu. i also do the tapping thing hoping it will make the text go faster. lol.

  2. Man, I am still working on the 3rd one.

    Sometimes you just need to look at a walkthrough, since a lot of the stuff is obscure and hard to spot.

  3. Borrow a friend’s copy, if you know somebody who has one. After you finish a case, you can tap the button and it’ll skip the current line of text. No, I don’t know why they restrict this feature until after you finish the case- during one, it’ll allow you to skip text you’ve already seen, but there’s so much text that you don’t actually repeat a lot unless you need to restart from save, in which case it forgets what you’ve seen.

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