Saying Something Nice

I just came across this article from November that calls Superman Returns for the DS “a mediocre title that was unfairly pushed into the realm of atrocity based on simple association”. *sniff* That’s actually the nicest thing that had ever been said about it. It also links to this even earlier article that had some very nice things to say:

[The multiple versions of Superman are] kind of a neat touch, especially if you’re really into Superman.

The presentation is actually not too bad.

It’s kind of RTS-lite. It’s unique, to be certain.

In all honesty … it’s not that terrible.

[T]his isn’t the worst gameplay idea I’ve ever seen.

[I]t’s nowhere near the level of heinousness assumed by most critics and subsequently inherited by many gamers/consumers.

Hey, after the hell we went through on that title, I’ll take it! Everything that could have gone wrong on that project went wrong, but we still managed to do a couple neat things, I think. Play the GBA game, too. Gamespot can’t seem to decide if it is a puzzle game or a motorcycle racer, but I think either is pretty cool.

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