King Choco-Taco

How did you spend your Friday the 13th? I visited a charter school and had a phone interview. Then I made myself pizza rolls, had a nice phone call with my mom and did some biking. Then I came back and played Chocolatier: Decadence by Design for a few hours (which I will henceforth refer to as Chocolatier 3). Not a bad day at all.

In Chocolatier 3, you can now create your own recipes. Here is a list of my confectionary masterpieces so far:

  • The Purple Nurple, a chocolate bar that is pink and purple (because that’s how the randomizer spat it out)
  • The Limey Bastard, which is 2/3 lime, 1/3 cocoa, trace elements of whatever was left in the machine.
  • The Spicy Commie Jackrabbit, which has both Cayenne Peppers and Cuban Coffee and has been my most profitable new creation.
  • The Irish Godzilla, which is an infusion of whiskey, wasabi, cacao and black tea. The public has not yet understood the genius of this creation. They will.

There will be more. The economic downturn has us all hurting, so I hired Gary Busey in my Zurich factory. He’s really comforted me after the poor reception of the Irish Godzilla. He said, “Unless you know that the victory is something that is perceivable then your brain can open up the possible worlds in which that success has become a living, breathing piece of human history.” Thanks.

Don’t believe me?

Enhanced version:

2 thoughts on “King Choco-Taco

  1. These are the best product names ever. I totally want a Spicy Commie Jackrabbit, right now. But man, wasabi? That shit is evil.

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