I’ve been meaning to do a post on how area/code‘s Chain Factor iPhone port Drop7 is the best game on the iPhone right now, but haven’t.

area/code‘s Chain Factor iPhone port Drop7 is the best game on the iPhone right now.

It has the simplicity and addictive qualities of Tetris, but is played in turns and is therefore not a race against your own slow reflexes. Much like Tetris, there is little that can be said about the gameplay without actually getting your hands dirty and digging into the mechanics. Drop7 removes the special powers of the Flash version, but adds a Hardcore mode that allows the game to be played in much shorter bites and a Sequence mode that plays the exact same every time for those who get all hot-and-bothered about determinism.

Clever. Simple. Sublime. There’s not much else to say. Either play Chain Factor or break the bank and spend 99 cents (Hey, it’s only 1/800000000000 the cost of the stimulus bill!) and try Drop7 on the phone. Thank me later.

And Jeezy Creezy get it before they jack up the price to what it is worth!

In other news:

  • Square Enix is trying to buy Eidos for some reason? Should I make the joke about how they are going to turn Lara Croft into a 14-year old boy with blond spiky hair?
  • Dan Teasdale has reprinted an email thread on his blog about how Destroy All Humans came to be. There’s nothing remarkable about the ideas per se (although I never thought about comparing it to Desert Strike), but it is remarkable to see the blue sky process repeated verbatim. Isn’t the shuttered Pandemic studio owned by EA? I got cease-and-desists when I tried printing anonymous quotes from people at work about things that weren’t even related to what we were working on. /shrug I guess since he’s at Harmonix now and they are all rock stars that he doesn’t put his tail between his legs like I did.

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