Hey look, I got 9.5 seconds of fame. I like to cash it in with very small increments to make it last longer. The clip got the date wrong. My position was eliminated in January not November, but since they said my name right, all is forgiven. They pretty much took the most banal thing I said in the whole interview. Oh well. I’m also a big fan on how the YouTube thumbnail catches me mid-blink so I look either stupid or stoned. Very attractive.

The whole segment is available on CBS’ site.

2 thoughts on “Newsworthy

  1. Hi Zack,
    I saw the segment you were in and had a question for you about designing a new game.
    If you can send me an E-mail that would be great.

  2. LOL they did take the most banal thing you said — you are much more interesting than that. secondly — i never knew your last name was pronounced that way. Yikes! and the news is brutal — your title is now ‘unemployed game designer.’ jeez, anything to get the point across, huh. not even a ‘former employee at EA’…

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