Games Industry Death Toll

Figured I’d start trying to keep this all in one place. Keep in mind these are just the ones I can find news stories for. I know for a fact of other studios losing folks but since I don’t have a source to quote, I’m not adding to the list. Some line items aren’t particularly clear about a number of layoffs, but I will make an educated guess when I sum at the bottom.

Updated: 2/13/09

Human Surplus
Studio Layoffs Source
THQ 600-700 + 3 Studios Source 1 Source 2
EA 1200 + 9 Studios Source 1 Source 2
Disney 200 + 1 Studio Source
Nexon 90 + 1 Studio Source
Sensory Sweep Can’t pay anyone Source
Microsoft “Bulk of” 1400 + >1 Studios Source
Eidos 14 + 1 Studio Source
Sega 30 Source
Crystal Dynamics 30 Source
Free Radical 0? Updated! Source
Factor Five ~100 + Studio Source
Aspyr 1/3 of workforce Source
Turbine A Number >0 Source
Midway 25% of Workforce + 1 Studio
(~225 by Yahoo Finance estimates)
Sony Some fraction of 8,000 Source
Brash 20 Source
NCSoft 70-90 Source 1 Source 2
Ensemble Unknown, >0, + Studio Source
LucasArts ~100 Source
Activision Blizzard ~300 Source
Sega 560 Source
Obsidian 20 Source
Gearbox 15-25 Source

My official guess at this time is 5,700 or enough to fill about 38 Boeing 737 airliners.

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