Links for Today

  • Congrats to my CMU Game Design prof and all around interesting guy Jesse Schell on winning a GameDeveloper Front Line Award for his book I sinfully didn’t read yet.
  • There’s a pretty fantastic interview up with Popcap’s Jason Kapalka on Gamasutra regarding design decisions with Bejeweled Twist. I wish I had more time to comment on it, but there are so many notions in there that I agree with, particularly about taking things out that people profess to want and a throwaway comment on visual cues that I found insightful.
  • Apple is so easy to make fun of, but I still like their products. Keyboards have a pretty high barrier to entry when you think about it. If we were designing them today instead of lifting from the familiarity of typewriters, would they be similar to what we use today?
  • Playing a theremin is pretty difficult, so using one to ace a Rock Band song is killer.

Post with actual content coming either tonight or tomorrow. Been fairly busy lately.

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