The Buck Stops. Period.

Here’s something I’ve known for a long time: the difference between what people claim to want and what they actually will spend money on is substantial. EA’s finding that out right now.  From Gamasutra‘s Leigh Alexander:

EA did seem to be doing everything “right,” according to the things that gamers as a community say they value. The company’s goals were inspiring, and whether or not you liked its games this year, whether or not they had design problems and whether or not they were reviewed well, that in and of itself was respectable. And it’s perplexing to me that the things we respect are not the things we reward with purchases.

I wish that JR’s statement was universal:

“You don’t make games profitable on purpose. You make great games first, and then they are profitable.”

This economic downturn is going to quell a lot of great ideas from turning mainstream and doom a lot of industry professionals to burn out by working on the same old drudgery in terms of ideas. Some of the most innovative companies in the world were born during recession, so maybe the answer is to look towards the little guys?

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