Left 4 Bankruptcy

In the past 48 hours I’ve spent over $200 on games. First Left 4 Dead (awesome!) and then these:

I’ll give impressions when I’m good and ready. But my wallet sure feels lighter this time of the year. Good thing we are in a fundamentally strong economy.

I’m working on a long post in spare time of reviews of all the iPhone games I have. By the numbers, it is a huge market, yet very few sites talk about iPhone games, let alone have reviews. Touch Arcade has good coverage, but they keep their posts fairly opinion-free. Fingergaming covers the same ground. When downloading, I usually have to hope and pray that the game is any good. This is fine with $1 and $2 games, but I start to balk at $5 and $10 games.

In other news, gamesindustry.biz has the most obvious headline of the day: “Square Enix LA Studio to focus on digital titles”. Well at least we know they won’t be working on a game for a difference engine.

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