Catching Up

Back to talking about games for a moment.

  • Did you see that the new Banjo Kazooie game is coming out not only to a whimper of marketing fanfare but at a $39.99 price point? That smacks of desperation that the game won’t see any sales in this crowded holiday season. A vote of No Confidence from the publisher is never a good sign for the quality of the product.
  • A great weight was taken from my shoulders when I beat King’s Bounty yesterday. That game had a raw, uncut form of gamer RPG crack that I couldn’t shake. They ship the game wrapped in clear plastic and sealed with duct tape. You buy it by the ounce. Do you get my simile here?

Just a taste, man.

  • I also got to play Buzz over the weekend with the complimentary cadre of eight players (not included) and it was a load of fun. I was a bit disappointed by the variety of game modes, however. It seemed to be the same format over and over again, where a game like SceneIt! (the sequel of which just hit and I also recommend) mixes up the format every time.
  • As a big fan of the “Metroid-Vania” style Castlevania games, I’m sad to say that Order of Ecclesia suffers from “Hyperactive Art DIrector” syndrome. I’m having such a hard time separating the detailed characters from the detailed environments. There’s no restraint there. It is causing eye strain and I think I am going to give up on it.

    This is common in situations where the same developer is iterating on a title. It gets tough to see the game with new eyes and things like being able to tell the difference between enemy and furniture become assumed.

    From other screens, it seems like this clears up eventually or maybe it is only confusing in motion. Anyway, back burner for now. Too many non eye-strain games that require my attention.

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