Digging Deeper

Kotaku = Trolls. How much did the World of Warcraft marketing campaign cost?

Played more King’s Bounty last night. The game is avoiding adding new characters by skyrocketing the difficulty. Not sure I agree with the direction, but I’m still playing it. It’s distracting me from the end of the world that is the election and financial meltdown.

2 thoughts on “Digging Deeper

  1. i wish i were still playing pc games. the extent of my video game playing has been Advance Wars on my Nintendo DS. And the battles are starting to get so hard they hurt my brain. I wish to back in the mindless world of warcraft or rpg games. What is King’s Bounty? ill have to look it up. I miss video games šŸ™

  2. King’s Bounty is Heroes of Might and Magic if you ever played it back In The Day. Easy way to think of it otherwise is like a turn-based Diablo where you control an army rather than just a dude.

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