Surgeon General’s Warning

There’s only one industry where the producers would brag without conscience about the addictiveness of their product: games. Tobacco conceded the sole position in the nineties. We brag about how Peggle Nights is the most addictive Peggle yet, or some such nonsense. Can you imagine: “Arby’s new curly fries are the most addictive yet! You won’t be able to stop eating them even if you try!” Wouldn’t work. I bring this up because on Saturday, I played King’s Bounty for ten hours.

Ten hours. On a beautiful Saturday.

In Oblivion, one of my favorite RPGs of all time, I managed to avoid the distraction of “Oh what’s that thing? What’s this over here? Hey, what’s that?” In King’s Bounty, I have no such luck. Rewards are strewn over the game map like a dragon’s lair exploded and left gems and money sitting all over the landscape and cities with new and interesting units are stone’s throws from each other.

I really didn’t like the game at first. It was super slow and contrived. Then in the graphics submenu, I found that you could turn up the animation speeds. I maxed that sucker out and never turned back. Now the call of “Ok, let’s just see what’s over that hill” is irresistible. It’s still a big heaping mound of cliche, but whatever. Sometimes you need a little high fantasy, I guess.

It’s not like the game is even that innovative in gameplay, either. It has the basest kind of “Ooh, Piece of Candy” system to string you along. But damn if I’m not a sucker for it.

Dead Space, what?

In other news: Catcus has a new Mondo game coming out. Anything that isn’t a shmup from him I eat up. It’ll have to wait until after King’s Bounty though.

Also: I won’t be playing Fallout 3 (!) or Little Big Planet on Tuesday as it is my two-year anniversary with my girlfriend. Damn me meeting a wonderful girl during release season!

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