What the Hell?

I keep expecting to see evidence that this video is shopped somehow, but I guess it isn’t? As an official myself, I can’t even think of a logical explanation. I mean I guess he could be looking past the ball carrier at some action in the backfield, but then why do you lower your shoulder? Disgraceful.

Got a little Dead Space in on Saturday. It’s a solid game. It lacks the powerful milieux of Bioshock or Half Life, which I think is why it garners hardcore gamer snob scorn. But I’m digging it quite a bit.

Sunday was completely absorbed by King’s Bounty. I hate it and love it. It is the same stuff over and over again, but the reward schedule is so jam packed, much like a Diablo or World of Warcraft that you just keep playing. It’s like eating Pixie Stix. Empty calories.

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