Somewhere, Beyond the Stars

I’m ninety minutes into Dead Space and wondering how much it will continue to rip off Bioshock. To me, it isn’t a problem – Bioshock was excellent. And I don’t remember Bioshock having zero gravity sections, so bonus to the Ishimura there. But:

  • Game intro has player wistfully looking at photo (in this case video) or object of longing? Check.
  • Game starts off with player visiting unknown creepy place? Check.
  • Method of escape destroyed? Check.
  • Stations to upgrade weapons and buy ammo? Check.
  • Second stage is a hospital? Check.
  • Telekinesis power? Check.

It’s not like Bioshock pioneered any of these things, so I’m not calling thievery. My point is that if you liked Bioshock, you will likely find at the least the first two stages of Dead Space very familiar. I’ve got surround sound for the first time and I’m very much digging it. More info as I get farther.

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